How To Make Money From Sports Betting When Travelling

Do you dream of traveling the world and making extra cash to subsidize the cost of your nomadic spirit? Well, we have the answer for you…sports wagering! We are going to show you how you are able to earn a full-time income from anywhere in the world with just a wi-fi connection and a basic understanding of sports gambling. Check out easy to implement tips below and start earning cash while visiting your dream destination.

Why Is Sports Wagering Ideal For Travellers?

Let’s face it, traveling is expensive! Even if you budget religiously and head to a cheap location you can easily spend thousands in a month. And this doesn’t factor in the opportunity cost of the lost income you are not receiving by taking time off from your job to explore the world. 

Well with sports gambling you are able to not only earn substantial amounts of cash to fund your travel adventures but the work can be done anywhere that has a somewhat stable wi-fi connection, it is able to be performed at any time and the investment is often less than a few hours a week. As travelers are constantly on the move checking new sights and up at all hours of the night, sports gambling provides the perfect working conditions to help them balance travel and earning money. 

Now you may be wondering how exactly do you win money from sports wagering? Like you, we also thought that it was impossible to actually win cash because the sportsbooks have teams of experts setting odds and that the only way to win is to have some fancy statistical program or be a betting genius. However, we are going to share a little secret with you, it’s called match betting.

How Does Match Betting Work?

Match betting involves taking advantage of sportsbooks’ free gambles by guaranteeing yourself a profit. Sports gambling sites provide free wagers to new gamblers to attract them to gamble and you can find 100s of different deals which are claimable today. You should have no problem taking advantage of enough deals to pay for a few trips abroad.

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To ensure you always profit you need to find a game with similar odds on a particular team to win or lose. You then make two bets on the same game. Using your free gamble you wager on the team to win and then you lay a wager on that team not to win. Check out the example below:

  1. Claim a $30 free wager from a sports gambling site
  2. Bet $30 on Chelsea to beat Arsenal at 1.75
  3. Lay a $30 on Chelsea not to win at 1.73
  4. Cash out your guaranteed profit! – If Chelsea wins you profit 22.5 (1.75 times 30 – 30), If Arsenal wins or draws you a profit of $30 minus the typical 5% commission

While match betting sounds incredibly simple there are some things you need to look out for if you want to use this gambling strategy to consistently make money. Check out our tips below!

Tips For Match Betting

punjab kings vs sunrisers

Match betting is a simple and fun way to earn extra money by taking advantage of sports site’s promotions and free bet deals. To make sure you are ready and able to profit follow these tips:

Have Access To Wi-Fi

While match gambling doesn’t require anything fancy in terms of technology or devices, having wi-fi is absolutely essential. Do not try this gambling strategy if you are hiking through the Amazon rainforest and you don’t even have cell phone service let alone access to the internet. To make your gambling experience easy and pain free, try your best to find a stable and fast internet connection. There is nothing worse than trying to place money on a sports team only to have the internet cut out at that vital moment. 

Have Multiple Payment Methods At Your Disposal

 If you want to make cash from match wagering you are going to need access to multiple payment methods. Sports sites do accept multiple payment methods, however, many sportsbooks have issues with certain payment options being blocked and the available methods differ between the sites. We recommend you have a Visa, Mastercard, crypto, and e-wallets. If you are able to use all of these methods then you will be able to access 100s of different sportsbooks instantly and won’t have any issues depositing and claiming your free gambles.

You can also increase your match betting earnings by taking advantage of different payment providers cashback deals. For example, with certain e-wallets, you can receive 2% to 3% or even more back in the form of cashback. If you are betting thousands of dollars per month this can really add up and help you fund your next trip.

Closely Check The Terms And Conditions Of Bonuses

Beginner match bettors make one critical mistake, they don’t closely read the terms and conditions of free bet deals. Sports gambling sites try to limit match betting by placing terms and conditions such as playthrough requirements and only allowing you to place money on certain matches. Before you claim a free bet make sure you have analyzed all of the deals’ details and you know what you can and can’t do. Fortunately, there are still lots of promos that you can claim which do not limit you and allow you to instantly cash out and bet on whatever game you like!

Start Match Betting Today!

Wouldn’t you love to see the world and pay with it all by spending a few hours a week on your laptop or phone? Well if you follow our tips above you can use match sports wagering to become financially independent and pay for your amazing adventures. It is time to start living the life you always dreamed of!