Natalie Cagle Ramblen AmbassadorNatalie Cagle is the founder of Ramblen. Prior to Ramblen she has worked for large consumer health websites such as: The Everyday Health Network and startups such as ICEdot. She is an ACE certified personal trainer and a triathlete married to a competitive cyclist who both like to travel. Like many startups Ramblen was built out of a personal need. She was exhausted of constantly doing research to find a safe place to run, a group ride to join or a lap pool that would allow drop-in visitors. She knew there had to be a better way to stay fit while you travel and began to build it.

The Problem Ramblen Aims to Solve:

Traveling to unfamiliar places for work or pleasure can throw even the most seasoned athlete off their fitness routine. Trying to find a group bike ride, lap pool, gym, safe running trails, bike rentals, Cross Fit box, yoga class or even a healthy place to get some food can take considerable research. Who has time for that? Most of the research is currently done through the use of one or more of the following methods: online search, Yelp, Trip Advisor, hotel concierge, local Chamber of Commerce, gym familiarity/membership, and social media recommendations from friends. That’s a lot of work for one person, especially when you’re pressed for time!

Not being able to follow a healthy routine can result in reduced fitness, lethargy, mood and behavior changes, weight gain, and energy loss. Fitness minded individuals and everyday athletes find these symptoms very problematic, and those of us who travel frequently don’t have the luxury of – or desire to – ditch our lifestyles while on the road. What to do?


The Answer: Ramblen

Ramblen is a digital media and mobile platform that will allow health and fitness-focused individuals to maintain their workout routine and healthy lifestyle while traveling in an unfamiliar city.  It will offer recommendations and mobile curation of information on running trails, lap pools, gyms, fitness classes, cycling routes, group fitness classes, health and fitness merchants and healthy restaurants.

For many people who incorporate fitness into their daily routine, maintaining that routine during travel can require a lot of research and is challenging. Is there a lap pool nearby?  If so, is there a drop-in rate? What running routes are safe to run on alone? Is there a certain spin instructor who is worth paying a drop-in rate? Is there a masters swim group that meets on certain days of the week? Is there a group bike ride that I can join, and if so, where and when do they meet? Does this running/hiking trail allow my dog? Leashed or unleashed? Is there childcare at the gym where I want to drop in on a class? Where can I get a healthy meal? The list of questions can be endless.

Ramblen aims to provide answers to all of those questions in one central location so our users can stay on their fitness/healthy lifestyle routine while they travel. Rather than asking our users to sift through tons of ambiguous reviews in order to figure out where to go, Ramblen only provides reviews of places we recommend. That means that when you come to the site, you’re only getting information about the best health and fitness resources each city has to offer. And that means you have more time to do the things you love to stay healthy while you travel!