BWI and B&A Trails


BWI Trail

Park at Thomas Dixon Aircraft Observation Area on Dorsey Road

BWI Trail Website

Trail Map

B&A Trail

1990 Governor Ritchie Hwy, Annapolis, MD

B&A Trail Website

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Convenient for travelers staying close to the airport, the BWI Trail is a 12.5-mile paved multi-use path that loops around the Baltimore-Washington International Airport. The BWI Trail is connected to the B&A Trail, which is more than 13 miles in length, so there is room for significant mileage if you have a long workout to get in. The trail is predominantly asphalt but also includes some concrete, and mile markers and signage are interspersed at regular intervals; on the B&A Trail, expect to see markers every half mile. A speed limit of 15 mph is posted on the trails, but depending on the time of day, you may not actually see anyone out on the path. I suggest looking at a map of both trails before you go, because the signage can sometimes be unclear, and if you’re looking to complete just one 12.5-mile lap of the BWI Trail, you may find it difficult to follow. There are several abrupt turns throughout the loop, so make sure to approach intersections with caution. While there is some elevation change along the loop, it is not significant. The airport loop offers a surprising variety of scenery, ranging from the airport to neighborhoods, woods, and even a horse farm. The B&A Trail winds through many neighborhoods and several wooded areas in addition to multiple towns and provides a great tour of the Baltimore Metro Area. Although there are no water fountains along the BWI Trail, water is provided on the B&A Trail, so plan accordingly. The B&A Trail is 13.3 miles long, and parking is available at several locations along the route, including Jonas Green Park and the Earleigh Heights Ranger Station. Bike rentals for use on the trails are available at BWI Bike Rentals, located at 2301 Dorsey Road.

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