Charm City Run

Charm City Run

1713 Whetstone Way, Baltimore, MD

(410) 645-8266


Conveniently located in southern Baltimore right off I-95 (in addition to four other metro area locations), Charm City Run has a spacious store with all of the resources a traveling runner could want. For those visiting the area, Charm City Run is well-suited to provide helpful information on where to run in the neighborhood, because all employees live and run in the immediately surrounding areas. Group runs are generally held on Wednesdays at 6:15 pm and are geared toward beginner to intermediate runners, with most runners in the 8:00-10:00 min/mile range. The 3-6 mile runs are attended by 25-40 people, but you must bring your own fluids.  Walk-runners should be aware that most of the group is strictly runners, so this may not be the optimal group for you. Marathon training runs are offered on weekends, and the stores allows travelers to jump in once for free, so if you need to get a long run in, Charm City Run has you covered! In addition to the many group training events that are offered, the store also provides a full selection of running gear and shoes, and the store is bright and welcoming. Employees are knowledgeable and helpful, so if you find yourself in the southern Baltimore area, it’s worth stopping in.

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