Cromwell Valley Park

Cromwell Valley Park

2175 Cromwell Bridge Rd, Baltimore, MD

(410) 887-2503

Open sunrise to sunset each day


On the northern edge of Baltimore City is Cromwell Valley Park, an expansive natural environment with many trails. A picturesque farm is located in the center of the park, and routes vary from road to technical trails. Maps are available at the visitors center in the center of the park that indicate the difficulty level and length of each trail. Although most of the individual trails are not long, they can be strung together to create a loop with more mileage. The trails are very well marked and easy to follow. No water or bathrooms are available along the routes, but the trails are well shaded and many have pristine views of creeks and rolling hills. It’s helpful to know recent weather patterns, however – many of the lower trails flood after heavy rain and develop large muddy spots, so plan accordingly. If you’re looking to escape the hustle and bustle of Baltimore City and put a few miles in on the trails, Cromwell Valley Park is a convenient place to do so. Please note that biking is only allowed on the paved roads within the park. There is no offroad biking.

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