Fitness. The New Darling of Active Travel.

Active travel such as bicycle or walking tours have been around for a long time. However, with the increase in health-conscious travelers many people are choosing to take vacations based on their mode of fitness, thus proving that this type of consumer has made fitness a lifestyle as opposed to just an activity or hobby.  Some people are dubbing these type of vacations as “destination workout vacations.” The market has exploded to fill this demand and the type of fitness travel offered goes well beyond your typical bike or walking tour. Additionally these new outfitters seem to be more affordable than some of the active travel companies that have been around for a while.

If you’re interested in these types of vacations click on the names of the following suggestions to be directed to their website.

Destination Workout Vacations You Should Check Out

SwimVacation: I’m starting with this one because I’m a triathlete and enjoy swimming. This is exactly what it sounds like. SwimVacation is a swimming vacation in the clear waters of the British Virgin Islands, Kona, Hawaii or the lakes of Maine. You get to swim, eat good food and relax. Everyone gets to swim at their pace and someone from their crew acts as a guide. Dreamy.

Run the Alps: This also sounds amazing. Again this does what the name implies: guided running tours through the alps. These guys will set you up with a guided run, a group or self-guided run through some of their favorite trail running routes in the Alps. If you’re interested in running a race in the Alps they have a page full of suggestions and offer to help you with registration and other things you’ll need to know about racing there. Can you say bucket list?

City Running Tours: Honestly, this is how I see every city I visit. There is NO better way to see a city. Period. City Running Tours allows you to pick a time, a route and a group to run with in 16 major cities across the country. I’m planning on taking my first running tour this coming March in Austin, TX! One other bonus is that it’s very affordable.

RaceQuest Travel: Triathletes this one is for you. You know how race week can be hectic? Where to taper, where to put your bike together? Catching the shuttle? Things of that nature can cause unwanted added stress. RaceQuest is run by professional triathletes who completely get it. They built this business out of their own desire for a service like this. It’s the travel companion for triathletes by triathletes. Handy!

The Yoga Travel Tree: For those wanting to have a real experience in another country while getting their Zen on this site is for you. They offer a ton of non mainstream yoga retreat adventures. As they put it, “If you want to lay on the beach for 10 days, that’s amazing! But that’s not our type of yoga adventure.” The travel industry has seen an increase in demand from travelers to those who want to have a true “local” experience and the Yoga Travel Tree is set out to do exactly that.

CrossFit Vacations: Travel industry media company, Skift, recently wrote about this latest travel player. Rather than rehashing the points they made I will simply direct you to their post on the topic which includes six various options to CrossFit your heart out. On vacation. Gulp.

Our mission at Ramblen is to give you the resources you need to keep you fit while you travel. If you decide to take an entire vacation based on fitness then I’d say, I don’t blame you!

Have fun out there.

Written by Natalie Cagle

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