Ramblen Workouts

Ramblen Workouts

One of the best parts about using Ramblen when you travel is that you get to workout somewhere new. You get to see how someone else teaches a fitness class or take in a different view on a new running route. When you’re training for fitness goals these new workouts can sometimes be welcome breaks from the monotony of your routine. I was discussing this with a fellow personal trainer the other day and we can came up with the idea of creating a traveling workout. Basically these workouts would include essential elements of a good bootcamp (rotating b/w cardio, strength and flexibility) but you wouldn’t know where you were going or what you were going to do until the day of the workout. That way the workout is completely new and probably something you haven’t tried before. Different is good!

Ramblen is based out of Tulsa, OK so we are starting with this city first. I’m not going to tell you what kind of workouts we have up our sleeve because that would take away from the fun of it all and the mystery is a big part of this!

For this first round we’ve partnered with Krutka Fitness personal trainers. I’m a personal trainer at this particular studio which made this partnership a no-brainer for us to start.The founder of the studio, Larry Krutka, is a longtime triathlete and has a wealth of knowledge in the health and fitness industry. He is no stranger to finding places to workout when he travels. He’s also family to me and a huge inspiration for the health and fitness lifestyle in my own life.


Krutka Fitness

We chose evening hours so people could attend after work because you are gonna sweat! ¬†All levels and abilities are welcome as we’ll have modifications and instructors for every level. You can check out our Tulsa Ramblen reviews for a few hints of where we might travel to workout but no guarantees.


Begins Sunday April 12th and goes until Thursday April 30th. {3 weeks}

Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday 6pm (goes for an hour-ish)

Where to meet and what to bring will be emailed to participants on the day of the workout

Price: $100

*limited to 20 participants*

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Written by Natalie Cagle

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