Castle Island

Castle Island

2080 William J Day Blvd, South Boston, MA ‎

Open dawn to dusk

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During my trip to Boston, I stayed in South Boston in hopes of becoming a “Southie.” Although I’m not sure I fooled anyone, I did get to run out to Castle Island, a park on the coast just south of the city. Castle Island is the home of Fort Independence and has been the site of fortification since 1634. The completely flat two-mile loop runs along Pleasure Bay, a popular swimming and sunning area for South Boston residents, and connects to the Boston Harborwalk, a network of pedestrian walkways that runs along the coast. The path is a combination of concrete and asphalt, but the majority is concrete. Bathrooms, water fountains, trash cans, and benches are located along the loop, and multiple playgrounds can also be found around the harbor and on Castle Island. The path is approximately 10 feet wide and is open only to pedestrians, but cyclists can travel the roads along the harbor. Views of the open water, some shade, and a consistent breeze make Castle Island a great place for summer running. If you are interested in extending your run, consider running along the harbor itself or through the neighborhoods of South Boston.

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