Freedom Trail Tours

Freedom Trail Foundation

139 Tremont St, Boston, MA

(617) 357-8300

12 Tours Daily

Although not a running or cycling route, Freedom Trail tours are a fun way to get some activity into your vacation or business trip while learning about Boston’s famous historical sites. The ninety-minute walking tour is approximately one mile long and is family-friendly, featuring sites such as the Boston Common, New State House, Old North Church, Fannieul Hall and Granary Burial Ground, the eternal resting place of John Hancock and Paul Revere. Although the actual distance of the tour is not far and is done at a leisurely pace, there is a considerable amount of standing at each of the tour stops, so take this into account when deciding to attend. While not an intense workout, checking out the Freedom Trail on foot is a great way to incorporate sight-seeing and activity into your trip to Boston.

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