Life Alive

Life Alive

765 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, MA

(617) 354-5433

Mon – Sat 8 am – 10 pm

Sun 11 am – 7 pm

This popular vegetarian and vegan café is located just across the river from Boston in Cambridge, home of Harvard University, with additional locations in Lowell and Salem. Organic rice bowls, wraps, salads, and smoothies are the focus of Life Alive, which also offers gluten and dairy-free desserts. Although there is upstairs and downstairs seating available, the restaurant is known to be extremely busy during the lunch rush and can have long waits. I personally did not experience a long wait, and my food was served within about 10 minutes of ordering. The food is Indian-inspired and corresponds to the restaurant’s motif, which is soothing and peaceful. I ordered The Emperor wrap, and I was surprised by the extremely large portions. I have a big appetite, but even I could not finish the wrap. Half sizes are also available (known as the “Demi”), and I would recommend that option if you aren’t planning on bringing leftovers home.  A kid’s menu with child-friendly fare is also available, in addition to a kid’s playspace, so don’t be afraid to bring your family with you. Life Alive is conveniently accessed on the T, so whether you find yourself in Cambridge for the afternoon or you’re across the river in the financial district, Life Alive is a viable lunch option. Whether you’re looking to stick to a specific diet or you’re just in the mood for a healthy lunch, this café delivers in both taste and quality.

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