Boulder Reservoir

Boulder Reservoir

5565 N 51st St, Boulder, CO

(303) 441-3461

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Boulder Reservoir Website

The Boulder Reservoir is a multi-sport athlete’s paradise.  The 5.5 mile loop around the entire reservoir provides mixed surfaces for runners, including both packed dirt and asphalt. Runners looking to log shorter mileage can head to Coot Lake for a 1.2 mile loop that is closed to cyclists.  Not all of the route around the reservoir is trail – some is open road – so be aware that you will have to share the road with cyclists and drivers alike. That being said, cyclists often park at the reservoir to head out on long rides in the surrounding hills, so motorists are aware of their presence. There are plenty of parking and bathroom options on all sides of the reservoir, some of which also offer water.  The reservoir itself is open to swimmers, although there is not a specifically designated open swim area. Families and children head there during the day in the summer months to cool off, so head out early if you’re interested in getting a swim in. Although there is a $6.75 entrance fee for adults at the reservoir, you can go in on Mondays for free, so check it out if you’re looking for a convenient place for a brick workout.

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