Mount Sanitas Trails/Sunshine Canyon

Mt. Sanitas and Sunshine Canyon

West of 4th Street on Mapleton Road

Mount Sanitas Trail Website

Local trail runners love Mount Sanitas, and it’s not hard to understand why. Head up Mapleton Road and you’re sure to find a variety of trailheads and parking areas with bathrooms and garbage cans. The detailed maps at each trailhead provide directional, distance, and elevation information, so you can make an informed decision about how far you’re interested in traveling. Cyclists aren’t allowed on the mountain, so pedestrians are free to dominate the trails. If you’re not much of a trail runner, don’t fear – the Sunshine Canyon trail, located at the Centennial Trailhead, offers a very gradual incline on hard packed dirt and plenty of shade. This road runner didn’t feel a bit out of place up there, and you’ll be rewarded by beautiful views. If you’re a cyclist looking to experience the scenery of the mountain for yourself, don’t worry – cyclists are welcome on the roads winding up and down the mountains and canyon, and you’re sure to see plenty of them on your trip.


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