Learn more about our Ramblen brand ambassador program!  This page gives more details on how you can get involved with Ramblen and how to apply be a part of our Brand Ambassador program.


Brand Ambassador Program
Ram hat and sandwich board not required.


Ramblen is a responsively designed website that provides information on how to maintain your workout routine and healthy lifestyle while traveling in an unfamiliar city.  Recommendations include information on: running trails, lap pools, cycling routes, hiking trails, group runs, group rides, bike shops, running stores and healthy restaurants.

For many people who incorporate fitness into their daily routine, maintaining that routine during travel can require a lot of research on many different platforms. Not being able to follow a healthy routine can result in reduced fitness, lethargy, mood and behavior changes, weight gain, and energy loss. Fitness-minded individuals and everyday athletes find these symptoms very problematic, and those of us who travel frequently don’t have the luxury of – or desire to – ditch our lifestyles while on the road.
Ramblen helps you stay fit while you travel.


What is a Ramblen Brand Ambassador?

We’re looking for people who see a need for what we’re doing and are excited to help us create the most comprehensive resource as possible. Despite our best attempts to be in all of the cities in the United States simultaneously, we know we can get more information out to other fitness-minded individuals if we have your help! Right now it’s literally just Natalie and Danielle compiling the research and writing the reviews and we agree with our readers that there are many more cities that should be included on Ramblen!


How to Apply to be a Ramblen Brand Ambassador for Your City and What Duties You Can Expect?

You can get involved as a brand ambassador by simply helping us spread the word online via social media or by emailing us a list of fitness resources that you use regularly in your own city or one you frequently travel to.

In return we’ll give you a bio on our site and as much social media love as we can throw your way. If that wasn’t enough to convince you, we’re considering creating an official hashtag just for our brand ambassadors (We invented that idea. You heard it here first), and we all know everyone loves a hashtag.  To become a brand ambassador, simply send us an email with a quick intro about who you are and why you want to get involved to community@ramblen.co


Want to Write Fitness Reviews for Your City?

If you’re a writer or a blogger, we’d love to have you apply to come on board as a Ramblen Reviewer for your city. This is currently an unpaid position, but as fellow writers we value your work and we’d be happy to barter by advertising your blog/website/social media profile as well as as linking to your social media channels (if you want).  Some day in our starry-eyed future we’ll have the money to pay you, but until then, if you believe in our idea as much as we do, we hope you’ll find value in utilizing the resource in your own life and adding some new material to your portfolio!

To apply to be one of our writers please send an email with an intro and a few links to your writing samples (any genre is fine) to editor@ramblen.co