Freedom Park

Freedom Park

1900 East Boulevard, Charlotte, NC

(704) 432-4280

Parks open daily sunrise to sunset

Freedom Park Website

Freedom Park is truly an urban oasis with a multitude of fitness options for every type of exercise enthusiast! The 98-acre park, centered around a duck pond, offers wide concrete multi-use paths, tennis courts, basketball courts, and bikes for rent. It’s common to see people walking their dogs, running, and cycling throughout the park, and the atmosphere is peaceful enough for many to come out and just enjoy a good book. Bathrooms, benches, water, and parking lots are available throughout the park, making the park a very useful resource at any point in a run or ride. While the duck pond loop itself is less than a mile, there are additional paths throughout the park and many areas to run or ride in the adjoining neighborhoods. The tennis and basketball courts are open from sunrise until 10:30 pm, offering an opportunity for exercise even late at night. The park is widely considered to be a safe area to exercise due to the many people who frequent the facilities, but as always, use caution when exercising alone. Freedom Park is not only full of resources, it is beautiful! It is certainly worth a visit if you are in the Charlotte area.

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