McMullen Creek Greenway

McMullen Creek Greenway

8135 Pineville-Matthews Road, Charlotte, NC

(704) 432-1570

Open daily sunrise – sunset

McMullen Creek Greenway Website

Charlotte has an extensive greenway system in the metro area, and the McMullen Creek Greenway is one of the most popular greenways in the network. Connected to Four Mile and McAlpine Creek Greenways (both of which are undergoing construction until November 2014), the McMullen Creek Greenway is 5.8 miles in length. The horseshoe-shaped trail is predominantly hard-packed dirt/clay and gravel, but there are some paved and boardwalk portions. The clay can be slippery when wet, so be careful in the hours immediately following a precipitation event. The wide path adequately accommodates pedestrians and cyclists alike. Benches and trashcans line the trail, and bathrooms and water fountains are available at a rest stop that separates the McMullen Creek and McAlpine Creek Greenways. Mile markers line the trail, as does signage that indicates which greenway you’re on. Plenty of parking is available at each of the greenways, although it is recommended that visitors not attempt to traverse the Four Mile and McAlpine Creek Greenways while they are undergoing construction due to confusing detours. There are also eight entrances from surrounding neighborhoods. The lovely shade and environment surrounding the greenways provides a peaceful atmosphere for a ride or run in South Charlotte and is highly recommended.

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