Renaissance Park

Renaissance Park

1200 West Tyvola Road, Charlotte, NC

(704) 529-3273

Open daily sunrise to sunset

Renaissance Park Website

Renaissance Park is one of the Charlotte area’s most popular running and biking locations, and with easy access to 6.5 miles of dirt and gravel trails relatively near the city, it’s easy to understand why. Parking is available at multiple locations within the park, including the tennis courts or the athletic fields, and the trails can be accessed from both areas. The trails are well maintained by the Tarheel Trailblazers mountain bike club, and the majority of the trail is well shaded even during the winter. When entering the trails from the tennis court parking area, look for the trail head immediately to the left of the volleyball courts – it can be hard to find! Cyclists and pedestrians share the trails, which offer moderate elevation change and limited technicality. Elevation changes can be steep and sharp, so be careful in slippery conditions! The trails can be muddy after rain, so they are considered closed for 24 hours after a rain event.  Water, bathrooms, and parking areas are available at the trailheads, and the park also offers a tennis center, frisbee golf course, volleyball nets, and golf course. If you’re looking for a variety of easily accessible workout options, Renaissance Park is a great Charlotte option!

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