Seasons 52

Seasons 52

55 East Grand Ave, Chicago, IL

(312) 832-1752

Mon – Thu: 11 am – 11 pm

Fri – Sat: 11 am – 12 am, Sun: 11 am – 10 pm

If you enjoy eating healthful but  exceptionally delicious food that is seasonally inspired and delicately prepared with an emphasis on fresh, clean flavors, all while in an elegant, upscale but comfortable environment, then Seasons 52 is the restaurant of choice for you. Perfect for a date, a solo dinner at the bar, a business meeting, or a party, Seasons 52 caters to all who want to go to dinner and be taken care of, but do not want to have to decipher a menu or feel talked down to.

 55 East Grand Ave, Chicago, IL

If you have a free afternoon or the desire to hit a happy hour after work, the restaurant offers the Flights and Flatbreads program until 6 PM everyday. For $15 (or $20, for the upgraded wine), a diner receives 3 small glasses of wine and a full pour of their favorite. In addition, the diner choose their own (sizeable) flatbread, served on crispy thin cracker crust. If one opts to stay for dinner (as you should), at 6 PM, live music begins in the bar area, and one gets to decide their meal from small-plates and salads as well as entree salads and dishes. The menu is rooted in the principles of seasonal fare, and the specials menu changes every week (thus the 52 in the name).

For those of us with dietary restrictions, the staff is happy to work to accommodate our requests, and menus for special diets (including gluten free, low sodium, and vegan) are available for those that require them. Dishes are appropriately sized and appropriately priced; ingredients are of the freshest nature, a quality that is incredibly important when the chefs are not hiding behind crutches of butter and oil. Even though the food is healthy, one never feels cheated–the perfect compromise for those of us who dine alongside those who can eat whatever they choose.

Seasons 52 is also famous for its dessert menu, which changes somewhat to maintain ties to the season (such as mango instead of berry cheesecake). Crowd favorites are the pecan pie and rocky road mousse.  Nutrition information is available online, as are culinary videos and recipes. Seasons 52 is one of the most accommodating and inviting restaurants in the city–there is no pretense about the staff, the decor, and especially not about the food: it is simply fabulous.

Susie Suzlyfe Ramblen Ambassador

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