Colorado Springs:

Pike’s Peak Greenway

Pike’s Peak Greenway

170 W Cache La Poudre St, Colorado Springs, CO

(719) 385-5940

Pike’s Peak Greenway Website

Pike’s Peak Greenway is a 16-mile segment of Colorado Springs’ Urban Trail System, which connects a number of trails and multi-use paths throughout the city. The Greenway offers a variety of surfaces and follows Monument Creek with small parking lots at each trailhead. The fine dirt and gravel surface that dominates the trail near the Uintah Road trailhead is appropriate for both road bikes and mountain bikes, as both were seen on the path. Mile markers are located every half mile and benches and trash cans are plentiful, but water and bathrooms are not. The lovely breeze along the creek helps mitigate for the lack of shade, and the many points of access make the Greenway almost universally convenient. There’s plenty of room on the path, so definitely come by if you’re looking for an easily accessibly run with few elevation changes.

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