Alderfer/Three Sisters Park

Alderfer/Three Sisters Park

30229 Buffalo Park Rd, Evergreen, CO

Open dawn to dusk daily

Alderfer/Three Sisters Park Website

Thirty miles west of Denver in beautiful Evergreen, Colorado,  you can find natural trails pretty much anywhere you look. Alderfer/Three Sisters Park features a wide variety of trail lengths and difficulties, so there’s sure to be something for everyone. Total trail mileage within the park is 14.9 miles. Expect some rolling hills and elevation changes since you’re out in the mountains, even on the easier trails. I ventured out onto the Hidden Fawn trail and was pleasantly surprised by the cooler temperatures and shade that greeted me as compared to Denver. Mountain bikers will be out and about, so runners and hikers should be alert. Bring your own water, but some bathrooms are available at trailheads. There are also detailed maps at the trailheads and online, and trails are well marked to avoid confusion. The park is definitely worth a visit if you’re looking to get off the pavement while you’re in the Denver area!

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