Highline Canal Trail


Highline Canal Trail

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Winding through the Denver metro area’s southern suburbs, the Highline Canal Trail stretches an impressive 71 miles from southwest of Littleton to the city of Aurora, near the airport.  This multi-use path is frequented by cyclists and runners alike and can be used as a commuting route. While much of the trail is concrete, some sections are also asphalt or dirt, and many sections of the trail are appropriate for cyclists on road bikes. To be sure, check the detailed information found on Google Maps. A single track dirt path runs along many of the pavement portions if you absolutely can’t stand to run on pavement. Depending on your location on the trail, there may be some slight elevation change, but the path is reasonably flat in general, especially for Colorado. There are some benches along the trail, but bathrooms and water fountains were not noted at the locations I visited, so make sure to come prepared. And be on the lookout for wildlife! During my visit to the trail, I saw a snake, a rabbit, and a squirrel, so who knows what you’ll find? The path is conveniently located off major roads and highways in many portions, so it’s convenient for many travelers


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