Ramblen provides solutions for hotels to connect with health-conscious travelers



Connecting Hotels to Health-Conscious Travelers


Who Are We?

We’re a team of certified personal trainers, health coaches, nutritionists, marketers, designers and software developers. We also happen to be athletes who like to travel. We’ve been in the trenches of trying to keep up with fitness and travel so many times that we came up with the idea of Ramblen which curates fitness resources for health-conscious travelers.


Why Should Your Hotel Care About Health-Conscious Travelers?


  • In a 2014 report The Global Wellness Tourism Congress found that 40 percent of all US travelers are health-conscious.


  • InterContinental Hotel Group found from research that 17 million travelers want to have their healthy lifestyle accommodated when they travel.


  • A recent SpaFinder report found that health-conscious US travelers spend on average 130 percent more on domestic travel and 65 percent more on international travel.


Solutions we offer


Digital Fitness Concierge

Integration of Ramblen Reviews specific to your property’s location into your guest facing software. Allow us to be your fitness concierge. We make sure that reviews and curation are up to date so your guests can stay fit while they travel.


Health & Fitness Consulting

This is where we come in and partner with your team to determine how to economically & effectively make healthy lifestyle changes in your hotel that will appeal to health-conscious travelers. During this process we can recruit fitness professionals in your area to offer group classes for your hotel or we can plan a group run that leads to and from your property.

Content Marketing

There is a reason that Starwood Hotels, IHG & Marriott launched their own in-house content marketing studios…because content marketing works! We can design and maintain content that appeals to the health-conscious traveler for your hotel. Not only does this attract the fit-focused type of guest but it also gives your property a competitive advantage for big sporting events whether you are or are not the host hotel.



Ready to take the next step?

Please send Natalie Cagle an email at natalie@ramblen.co and we’ll promptly set up a phone call to answer any questions and discuss pricing. Please note that our website and email extension really are .co not .com!

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