Brays Bayou Trail

Brays Bayou Trail

5225 Calhoun Rd, Houston, TX

(713) 747-8650

Brays Bayou Trail Website

Stretching approximately twelve miles through southwest Houston, the asphalt path along Brays Bayou is the perfect place to get in a long run or bike ride while avoiding traffic. Parking is available at MacGregor Park as well as in neighborhoods along the path, which is easily accessible. There is no shade along the route, so it may be better for cycling than running during the summer for those who are sensitive to the heat. Porta Potties, trashcans, and water fountains are available at the park, but bringing your own water is recommended. The path winds along the bayou next to many beautiful neighborhoods and past the University of Houston and is rarely crowded. The Brays Bayou Trail also offers a convenient option for commuters looking to avoid Houston’s busy streets. The path is somewhat narrow in comparison to other multi-use paths in Houston, so make sure to be conscientious of other users.

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