Buffalo Bayou Park

Buffalo Bayou Park

500 Allen Parkway, Houston, TX


The City of Houston places a great deal of importance on the construction and maintenance of bicycle and pedestrian facilities within the city limits, and nowhere is that commitment more evident than at Buffalo Bayou Park.  The City is currently engaged in a $53 million project to renovate and restore 160 acres along Buffalo Bayou, and much of the work has already been completed. Currently, a 4.8-mile multi-use concrete loop has been constructed along the Bayou between Shepard Drive and Sabine Street.  The loop is ten feet wide and is intended for use by cyclists and joggers. The five foot wide asphalt path that is currently in construction on the banks of the bayou will be intended for use by walkers. Benches are available along the route, and upon completion of the park’s construction, water fountains will also be available at regular intervals. The loop currently offers views of the bayou, trees, and downtown Houston and is connected to Memorial Park, one of Houston’s most popular recreational destinations.  There is generally a steady breeze along the route, but there is limited shade, so plan to dress and hydrate appropriately during those Houston summers!

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