George Bush Park

George Bush Park

16756 Westheimer Parkway, Houston, TX

(281) 496-2177

Open daily 7 am – 10 pm

George Bush Park Website

Half an hour west of downtown Houston is George Bush Park, a gigantic natural oasis that offers a variety of fitness opportunities to its visitors. At 7,800 acres, it is the sixth largest city park in the United States. One of the park’s most popular features is its 11.36-mile asphalt hike and bike trail, which is one of the longest uninterrupted stretches in the Houston area, making it perfect for a long run or bike ride. Some limited shade is available along the route, but it is largely unshaded. Ample parking is available at a variety of locations that provide direct access to the path, and maps are located along the path indicating the distances to various landmarks. The asphalt path is open to cyclists, pedestrians, and equestrians, so it is important to be aware of other users.  There are some benches along the route, but no water fountains, so make sure to come prepared. The route received regular traffic during my visit on a weekday morning, but it was not crowded, and park rangers regularly patrol the trail.  George Bush Park connects to Terry Hershey Park for those wishing to continue their ride or run. Concessions and restrooms are available on the south side of the park near the playground and pavilion but are not available along the trail itself.

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