LoCal’s Healthy Joint

LoCal’s Healthy Joint

1590 S. Mason Road, Katy, TX

(713) 534-1999

Mon – Sat 7 am – 9 pm

Sun 7 am – 7 pm


Looking for a borderline-overwhelming menu of healthy, low calorie meals? Look no further than LoCal’s Healthy Joint.  This conscientious restaurant uses only low-fat proteins, including bison, tuna, chicken, turkey, vegetarian proteins, and portabella mushrooms.  Foods are prepared only in healthy way, meaning nothing is ever fried, and all drink options are low calorie. Tacos, pasta, dinner entrees, rice bowls, and burgers and sandwiches are all on the menu, which also features many vegetarian options. The restaurant does not offer gluten-free breads, but breakfast is served all day. Smoothies with protein mixes are available, and whole grains are used in the preparation of all meals. I ordered the buffalo/bison tacos and received two tacos with plenty of toppings on wheat tortillas. The food was served in less than ten minutes, and at $10 was reasonably priced despite being one of the most expensive items on the menu.  Complete nutrition information is available online but is not listed on the menu, so if you’re counting calories, make sure to check out the website before you go!

It should be noted that the Google Maps location is confusing. If you are using Google Maps to navigate to the restaurant, it will tell you that the restaurant is physically on the highway, which of course it is not. Exit the highway at the Antoine Dr/Silber Road exit and the follow the signs toward Silber Road. The restaurant can be seen from the highway and is in a large shopping complex directly next to a gym.

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