Ruggles Green

Ruggles Green

2311 West Alabama Street, Houston, TX

(713) 533-0777

Open daily 11 am – 10 pm


Ruggles Green bills itself as “the greenest restaurants in Texas” due to its commitment to using local and organic ingredients. With four locations across the Houston metro area, the restaurant uses hormone-free meats, recycles everything, composts, and uses electricity generated 100% by wind. If their commitment to sustainability wasn’t enough of a reason to pay Ruggles Green a visit, their expansive menu definitely is. Boasting the largest gluten-free menu in Texas, the menu specifically denotes gluten-free, dairy-free, vegetarian, and vegan items. The menu is large and diverse, offering burgers in a variety of protein options that range from bison to turkey or vegetarian options, pizza, paninis, pasta, tacos, and delicious desserts. I ordered the veggie nut burger, which was very unique compared to other veggie-style burgers that I have had (but tasted great!). The portions are large without being unreasonable, so you’re left feeling full at the end of the meal. The restaurants also carry a variety of local beers and wines in addition to a variety of coffeehouse beverages. Ruggles Green is a great place for people with dietary restrictions, as you’re sure to be able to find something to eat on the menu that isn’t just salad!

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