Terry Hershey Park

Terry Hershey Park

15200 Memorial Dr, Houston, TX

(281) 496-2177

Open daily 7 am – 10 pm


Terry Hershey Park offers five miles of continuous paved trail, stretching from the Elkridge Parkway to the Sam Houston Tollway, but side trails will add on an additional 7 miles for a total of 12. The path, which follows Buffalo Bayou and is predominantly concrete, offers a variety of amenities, including water fountains, bathrooms at Eldridge Parkway, and several “runner’s showers.” Benches are also placed along the path, and trash cans are located at some parking areas. Parking is available at the Sam Houston Tollway, State Highway 6, and Dairy Ashford Road, but the trail can be accessed from many other cross streets as well. A single-track dirt path runs parallel to the concrete multi-use path in some areas, and there is some shade along the route. The park connects to George Bush Park, providing access to the resource for those who want a longer ride or run. Other trails and loops off of the Terry Hershey Park trail can also provide additional mileage. The path is relatively uncrowded and is a good choice for a run or ride in west Houston.

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