How To Calm Your Nerves When Betting On A Big Game

Have you just placed a big bet and are stressing out while watching the sports match unfold? Well why don’t you perform a quick workout to calm your nerves and help you relax. In this article we are  going to share some great exercises you can do to keep you calm and keep your mind off your pending wager.

Push Ups – Develop That Upper Body!

Push ups are one the most effective upper body exercises you can do. They target your shoulders, chest, triceps and even get your core burning. Another great aspect about this exercise is that you can keep your head up so while you are working you will still be able to watch the game. Or you can bang out some reps while there is an ad break. Either way you won’t lose track of your bet when working during the game. We recommend you perform 5 sets of 20, slow and controlled with perfect form.

Sit Ups – It’s Time To Get Abs!

Who doesn’t want to show off their ripped abs at the beach? Well with sit ups you can build that dream 6 pack and you don’t require any $1000 machines or fancy programs. All that is required is some hard work and a little sweat equity. When performing sit ups make sure you focus on squeezing and contracting your abs. The only problem with this exercise is you do have to lower yourself to the ground and you may miss what’s happening in the game. So it is best to perform sit ups during a half time break. We recommend you perform 4 sets of 30 and really visualize your abs working every rep. With this workload, you should be well on your way to building that shredded midsection you always dreamed of.

Bodyweight Squats – Build A Sculptured Lower Body

Did you know when you squat your body releases lots of endorphins which keep you happy and improve your mood. If you are feeling angry or anxious while watching a sports match due to your big bet then why not do a quick set of squats to enhance your mood. To perform a perfect squat stand with your feet shoulder width apart with your weight on the middle part of your foot, push your butt back and bend at your hips and then lower yourself down. We recommend performing 5 sets of 30 to really feel that burn.

Calm Your Nerves By Working Out While Your Team Is Playing

Every gambler knows just how stressful it can be to watch a game you have bet heavily on. If you perform the workout we described above during the game you will not only be able to still watch the action but you will stay calm and not worry about your bet. Remember to always use perfect form and perform the exercises in a slow and controlled manner to properly work the muscles and reduce the chance of injury.