Los Angeles:

Temescal Canyon

Temescal Canyon

15601 W. Sunset Blvd. Pacific Palisades, CA

(310) 454-1395

Open daily dawn to dusk

Temescal Canyon Website

A drive down Sunset Boulevard towards the beach is not complete without a stop at the Temescal Canyon Gateway Park. Nestled in the Santa Monica Mountains are miles of hiking trails with beautiful views of downtown Los Angeles and the Pacific Ocean. Whether you’re in the mood for an easy hike or an intense trail run, the Temescal Canyon cannot be beat. No bikes or dogs are allowed on the trails, so pedestrians will have the park to themselves! Temescal Canyon is family-friendly and the entrance features picnic tables, bathrooms, and water fountains. There are a nice variety of easy to moderate-level trail loops, including a 1 mile trek to a waterfall and a 5+ mile hike to Will Rogers State Park. Even on the hottest days, you’ll find peace and quiet in the shade of the beautiful, tall trees. Climb up to Skull Rock and enjoy some of the best views of Los Angeles that you can find.

15601 W Sunset Blvd, Pacific Palisades, CA

The park features ample parking for a $7 entrance fee (cash or check), but it is sometimes possible to find free parking on Sunset Boulevard. Beware! Traffic patrol is serious about the stop signs that line the entrance to the park, so take a break from California Roll-ing through stop signs, and make a complete one!

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