New York City:

Juice Press

Juice Press

70 East 1st Street, New York, NY

(212) 777-0034 ex. 1

Open daily 8 am – 10 pm

New York City is known for its thin-crust pizzas, endless deli counters and exotic street vendors.  It can be tough to avoid the temptation of all the less-than-healthy options available in the city, and sometimes you just need to start the morning off right with some good juice, organic food, or a shot of something “super” or “cleansing.”

Whatever your motivation, Juice Press is the best option. With 20 locations that can be found throughout NYC – Tribeca, Soho, the villages, Flatiron, Midtown and the Upper East and Upper West sides – that wheatgrass shot is closer than you think.

 70 East 1st Street, New York, NY

Juice Press has a substantial menu of cold-pressed juices, vegan/raw foods, coffees/teas, smoothies, hot soups and other healthy snacks.  Some of my favorites:

  • Rehab shots/Volcano/Ginger Fireball/First Degree Burn – These are all variations of cold pressed ginger, cayenne pepper, oil of oregano and some sort of citrus like orange, lemon or lime. They have different strengths but each one is AGGRESSIVE. Particularly, the First Degree Burn and Rehab shot; but the intense dose of ginger leaves me feeling invigorated and refreshed. If uninflamed was a feeling I would feel that too.
  • If you’re looking for something less pore-opening then try the Green Giant.  It has a good mix of greens, coconut and cacao.  Perfect really for someone who needs a little sweet with their greens.
  • Cold-brewed almond latte – If you’re looking for a pick me up and don’t like the taste of coffee – this will do it.  It has spices, dates, almond milk and cold-pressed organic coffee.
  • Watermelon – Pure watermelon juice is hard to find but if you’re passing this after a workout (because you are working out while you’re vacationing or doing business) then grab this.  Watermelon has been shown to help aid in muscle recovery; and it tastes like summer.
  • Kid Strawberry – If you happen to be traveling with kids have them try the Kid Strawberry, it tastes like ice-cream which I hope entices them to trying it.

Juice Press also delivers, so in the event you can’t get to healthy food, healthy food can come to you.  While I have not tried any of the vegan food (yet), I have my eye on a few things that look delicious  The raviolis, marinated kale salad, the sushi, avocado toast and the miso Portobello sandwich all look pretty phenomenal.   Disclaimer: some food is not available for delivery.

Lindsay DiFazio - YourFitTrip

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