New York City:

NYC Running Meetups

The great thing about New York is there are plenty of people looking to run, whether you’re headed to Central Park, along the West Side Highway, or along the East River.  While there are plenty of places to run in NYC, if you’re new to the city and want to run but are not sure where to go, running groups are a great alternative.  While the city is safe in almost every part of Manhattan Island, you may feel more comfortable running with a group, especially in the dark or if you’re worried about getting lost.

There are also many stores that have flagship sites throughout the city that sponsor free events like weekly group runs. Athleta, New Balance and Lululemon all have running groups that meet weekly.  Even better, these running groups can be found across the United States, so if you are traveling to a new city, check these stores out in addition to the many wonderful specialty stores we feature on Ramblen!

I have only tried one of these running groups – New Balance, so I can only speak for this group, but there was a trainer that ran with the group and a lot of excited women, aka motivation. New Balance specifically hosts a New Balance Girls Night Out (NBGNO) – with an app to go with it.

Happy Running! Check out the schedules for each of the stores listed below to find your perfect group!




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