New York City:

Throwback Fitness

Throwback Fitness

303 Fifth Avenue, Suite 207, New York, NY

(610) 844-5364

Open daily during scheduled classes

There are not many classes that feel like you’ve only been there for 20 minutes (and it’s not for lack of sweat and exertion).  Throwback Fitness takes workout staples of bygone years and incorporates them into one tough but fun workout!  Here is the breakdown:  Throwback is divided into four phases, warm-up, phys-ed, recess and cool down.  Phys-ed and recess are broken into intervals, alternating rowing with strength training and conditioning moves.

 303 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY

Taking the competitive spirit from classic crew, the class pits teams against each other in rowing miles, speed and conditioning drills.  They also mix old school fun games and turn them into full body workouts.  The best part (and most important part) is despite your need to crank out a few more burpees or row a few more times, Brian and Ryan (the owners and instructors) are constantly watching your form, critiquing your rowing technique and cheering you on.  That’s a very important part for me – they encourage you as you’re working out as opposed to playing drill sergeant and harping on you as you listen to your body.  They focus and encourage proper form, not total reps (of course while still amping up the competitive spirit between teams).

Even if you have no experience rowing, don’t worry, because you’ll get ample instruction on accurate form.  They also have a super short video on their website to go over the form before you walk in, which is great for those who aren’t sure what they’re getting into! The workout you get from rowing is a full body workout that, for most of us, is probably a break from the norm of running, cycling and swimming.The classes are small, the music is good and everyone is there to give it 100%.

Located on 5th avenue between 31st and 32nd, the studio is great for those working in midtown and flatiron and is two avenues over from the 6’s 33rd street stop if you are coming from the Financial District. If you haven’t tried rowing, try it and if you haven’t been to Throwback Fitness, GO!

Lindsay DiFazio - YourFitTrip

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