Zorinsky Lake

Zorinsky Lake

3808 S 156th St, Omaha, NE 68130

(402) 444-3925

Open daily

Zorinsky Lake Website

Zorinsky Lake is the most popular running spot in Omaha, and with good reason! The lake features a multi-use asphalt path that is wide enough for runners, cyclists, and leashed pets to share.  The lake is split down the middle by 166th Street, creating two loops that combine for a total of approximately 8 miles. The path itself features very slight elevation change, some shaded areas, and scenic views of the lake. Because the route is so popular with runners and cyclists, you are unlikely to be alone on the path. Parking lots are available, but they can get crowded during peak times and on weekend mornings.  Water fountains, bathrooms, and trashcans are available at the parking areas, and benches are available along the route. If you’re looking to enjoy a scenic run or ride along one of Omaha’s most scenic and beloved pathways, Zorinsky Lake is the perfect place to go!

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