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Lauren Boggi created the Lithe Method in 2005 with the intentions of breaking workout boredom boundaries. She used her background as a cheerleader, dancer, and Pilates instructor to create her unique Cardio-Cheer-Sculpting® technique. Lauren has exploded onto the fitness scene in the Philadelphia area with Lithe. There are currently three Lithe studio locations that all have full schedules. She has also developed a Lithe clothing and food line, and they have a Lithe fight song! The method is so unique, that every new student must take a Lithe 101 class to become acquainted with the basic exercises.

Lithe Method Studio



From the minute I arrived in the parking lot, everything was clean, organized, and welcoming. I was immediately greeted as I walked in and was asked to fill out my waiver. Once all my paperwork was filled out, I was shown the locker room and studio. The studio had tall windows letting in plenty of natural light, a beautiful hardwood floor, and bands hanging from the ceilings. I was instructed to get two 3 pound dumbbells, two 5 pound dumbbells, a small rubber ball, and then find a free mat. I was very excited to see what kind of fun we were going to have with such a unique set up.


Lithe Method Studio


Our instructor Tirsa, was fiery and energetic with legs to die for. She never stopped smiling and kept the class moving at a comfortable pace. We started with a quick overview of basic body placement for the class and then went straight into some killer ab exercises. Next, we transitioned into the sculpting portion of the class with our dumbbells while sitting on the mat, which was a welcome surprise and challenge. Then came the fun with the bands. We used two different kinds of bands, one with handles and one without. I was pleasantly surprised by how much resistance was added by holding onto the bands and how fun it was to pull and twist around with them. We began with some isolated sculpting moves that made my legs feel like jello and then sailed into the cardio section. Cardio ended way too quickly for me, but before I had a chance to be sad we were at the barre burning our legs, calves, and glutes. The class ended with a quick cool down and some encouraging words from Tirsa.

Lithe Method Philadelphia


Overall I was really impressed with the entire experience. I was never uncomfortable or unsure of what to do, and the staff was very attentive and accommodating.  As with any fitness program, the more diversification the better it is for you, and I think the Lithe Method provides plenty of options. They have classes ranging from general cardio to specialties targeting just one particular muscle group. The next step for a newbie “Lither” is to take the 101 class a few more times until you feel ready to take on the regular schedule. I will definitely go back for more Lithe fun and can’t wait to see what else the method has to offer.

Visit the Lithe Method Website for Schedule & Locations

Lithe Method Website
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Jenna Michael Ramblen AmbassadorThis review was provided by Ramblen Ambassador, Jenna Michael. Jenna is a certified personal trainer and group instructor living in Philadelphia, PA. Visit her on her blog, Little Green Running Shoes for more health & fitness tips.

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