Addie Hayes Ramblen Ambassador

Addie Hayes

A couple year’s ago, “athletic” or “fit” were the last two words anyone would use to describe me who knew me.  I played sports in high school, but not competitively having always been overweight.

I later became a wife and mother to 2 children.  I was obese and lost my sense of self worth.  I wasn’t passionate about anything.  That all changed when I saw a picture if myself at a wedding.  I finally decided to get active and make healthier decisions.  Along the way, I even left my unhappy marriage.

Slowly, I started exploring the vast fitness world with zumba, Curves-style circuit training and moved on to things completely out of my comfort zone like running, obstacle course racing, triathlons and ultramarathons.  Over 50 pounds later, you name it and I’ve probably tried it or plan to try it!

Currently, I’m in love with bodybuilding and planning to compete someday in a fitness competition.  I also plan to compete in endurance challenges like The Suck ( and Death Race (

My love of racing has lead to quite a bit of traveling in the past year which is why I’m so passionate about partnering with Ramblen.  Follow my journey on Instagram: @addiefitfatfut, Facebook (, and my website (