Cassandra Pisone Ramblen Ambassador

Cassie Pisone

I’m Cassie, a twenty-something working for a major retail brand as part of their social media team. You can usually find me running, at the yoga studio, or at Whole Foods. I’ve visited over twenty different countries on four continents and I’ve laced up my running shoes in just about all of them. I’ve been running since I somehow ended up on the cross-country team my freshman year of high school and somehow managed to fall in love with half-marathons (and I’m aiming for my first full this year).


I love being active when I’m traveling– from hiking in Thailand to riding kayaking in Maine to surfing in Nicaragua. A vacation is a way to for me to try something new and see the world from a different perspective and eating food I couldn’t find anywhere else.


Running and eating healthy (for at least one meal, that is!) while I’m traveling is a non-negotiable, so I’m excited to be writing about healthy restaurants and places to stay active in a city that is known for putting French fries on salads – Pittsburgh, PA.


In 2013, I started my blog chronicling the adventures of what it’s like to grow up (and a place to keep all my tasty recipes and travel guides), Almost Getting it Together.



Twitter: @cpisone

Instagram: @cpisone