Fawn Tran Ramblen Ambassador

Fawn Tran

I work as a geographer for a federal government agency in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and part of my job requires extensive traveling. I’ve been around the world twice and seen 3 continents (most of those were in a haze of jet lag) since I travel for work so much I am always looking for ways to maintain an active lifestyle. I’ve spent time googling Bikram yoga studios before a visit to Astana, Kazakhstan and searching for hiking trails in Mae Hong Son, Thailand. Not all of my business travels are that exotic, those were the rare exceptions, now I get to go to luxurious places like Dayton, Ohio or Columbus, Mississippi!

Since the majority of the cities I’ve visit are usually an hour or so outside of a main metropolitan area, there is a lack of available resources for active individuals like myself. (a hot yoga studio in rural Mississippi, they were just surprised that I spoke English) Ramblen offers a valuable resource for the traveling business person like myself; good, honest reviews while not narrowing the venue to people that are runners, triatheletes, etc.

I am not an extensive health and fitness guru like the founders of Ramblen. I’m just your average business traveler that likes to explore what is available in cities like O’Fallon, Illinois or Camp Springs, Maryland that isn’t within the confines of a hotel fitness room (because, I mean, the treadmill gets excruciatingly boring after an hour).

If you have any questions or just want to see where I’ve been,¬†follow me on Instagram (http://instagram.com/fawn817/#)¬†or send me a tweet (https://twitter.com/OnlyFawn).

P.S. I’m a Cleveland Browns fan, deal with it.