Heather Stewart Ramblen Ambassador

Heather Stewart

Heather Stewart works, lives and, most importantly, runs in Santa Clarita, Ca.  Her journey is a lot like many others. Overweight and unhappy, she decided to run a 5K. She trained, ran and was hooked! Since that day in March of 2011, Heather has ran over 30 organized races including 20 half marathons and was chosen to be a Spotlight Runner for the LA Marathon (her first) in 2013.

Heather’s goal is to be an “old lady runner” and believes in the importance of keeping a routine, even when you can’t be home.

You can follow her adventures in running and life on her blog at www.strungoutrunner.blogspot.com


She is thrilled to help spread the word about Ramblen and help others find healthy choices “on the road”.


You can also find Heather on:

Twitter: @captainstewie

Instagram: @heatherkstewart