Jillian Ramblen Ambassador

Jillian Zalewski

Hi! I’m Jill in my mid-20s and currently living in Durham NC. In high school I used to hate running and thought that running the mile in gym class was the equivalent to running a marathon. In grad school I decided I wanted to go outside more so I started run/walking. After looking at a bunch of different races on Pinterest, I found the Disney Princess Half Marathon and immediately wanted to give it a shot. Lucky for me, registration was still open so I called my best friend who is willing to do anything and we signed up! Admittedly I was very unprepared for that race. I didn’t train as much as I should have and was out of shape but that one race was was it all it took to get the itch to do more. After that I was hooked and am working on setting some new fitness goals which will include: triathlons! You can find out more about me on my blog and social media. Here’s how to connect:
Twitter: @jillzalewski
Instagram: @jillranupthehill
Blog: Jill Ran up The Hill