Kelli Ramblen Ambassador

Kelli Sugimoto

Hi!  My name is Kelli!  I am from Hermosa Beach, CA and have grown up my whole life breathing in the salty air of the sea.  Currently I am an English major at Loyola Marymount University.  I also run cross-country and track here.  I have been running competitively since high school where I originally fell in love with the sport.  Running is a beautiful thing because not only has it literally kept me on track (get it?!), but also has allowed me to form a healthy lifestyle.  I am all about trail running, kale salads, fun ways to cross-train, discovering the best vegan and gluten-free places in LA, and of course a good juicery!  If you are visiting in the beach cities//LA area, come “run” with me through my reviews and I’ll attempt to virtually show you some of my fave spots to workout and eat at!

You can find Kelli on Instagram @kel_sugi