Mackenzie Miller Ramblen Ambassador

Mackenzie Miller

Mackenzie is a travel blogger and aspiring novelist.  She’s originally from Buffalo, NY but she has lived in northern Pennsylvania, Baltimore, Maryland, and Prague, Czech Republic. She loves to travel, usually solo, and has been to 30 countries on four continents, with plans for many more in the near future.  She loves sports and jogging, but because she travels, her routine is often interrupted.  She finds it difficult to eat healthy, and find good, safe places to run both in the U.S. and in other countries, but she’s making a real effort to stay in shape both on the road and at home.  When she can, she likes to run in races, including the Turkey Trot in Buffalo.  She’s working toward longer runs including a marathon.




You can learn about all things travel, including being an introverted traveler, on her website, A Wandering Scribbler .

Twitter: @wanderingscrib


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