Matt Tagliaferri

Matt Tagliaferri

My name is Matt “Tag” Tagliaferri and I currently live in Columbia, SC with the most amazing wife in the world…maybe I am a bit biased but she is my best friend and traveling companion. I work in the outdoor industry on the wholesale distribution side of the cycling and running market and couldn’t imagine doing anything else.

If you are trying to find me, I am most likely out trail running or riding my bike. I am an ultramarathoner and a touring cyclist, having run many distances greater than a marathon and having biked from St. Augustine, Florida to Los Angeles, California with a very good friend of mine.

I travel a fair amount for work and for different athletic events which gives me an appreciation for the mission of Ramblen. Through trial and error, I have found some great places to train/eat on the road and I am thankful that I can contribute to a like minded cause!

Facebook: Matt Tagliaferri

Instagram: @matttagliaferri