Michelle Farnsworth Ramblen Ambassador

Michelle Farnsworth

My name is Michelle and I am a running junkie. I never ran a mile in my life until 4 years ago when I had grown tired of being overweight and out of shape. I started out walking/jogging in my neighborhood few days a week and before long the weight started melting away. Constantly trying to improve my time, I found I was hooked on running. I set my sights on my first half marathon and had no idea how my life would change because of that choice to take my life back. 80 pounds later, I am proud to say I have conquered 5 marathons and a multitude of halves, relays and even a Tough Mudder. In addition to running, I regularly participate in boxing and CrossFit and nearly every weekend you can find me up at one of Utah’s phenomenal ski resorts shredding the powder on my snowboard. I have an amazing 6 year old son and work two jobs, so it isn’t always easy to squeeze in that run or find time to exercise. It’s not unheard of for me to run at 4 am so that I can get my training runs in. In the end, I want my son to learn the value of hard work and discipline by my example. I am living proof that if you want something badly enough it is within your grasp.