Rachel Cramer Ramblen Ambassador

Rachael Cramer

My name is Rachael and I’m from Alabama. I am 28 and a stay at home wife and mommy of two. I am dedicated to being a role model mommy and raising my kids as healthy as possible. I enjoy cooking and eating clean, walking while pushing the kids in the jogger and I am slowly getting back into running. I LOVE Tabata, it makes me feel amazing. I also enjoy Zumba and anything Billy Blanks throws my way.


I grew up with an eating disorder of sorts and ate entirely unhealthy and fatty foods (when I ate). It has taken a lot to change that mentally. I have just started back in my fitness journey and would love for you to join me through Twitter and Instagram.


Instagram: @Fit_curvy_momma


Please visit my blog at: fitcurvymomma.weebly.com