Ruthie Gerstenblatt Ramblen Ambassador

Ruthie Gerstenblatt

Ruthie is a middle school teacher and health and fitness blogger living in Savannah, GA. Her passions are fitness, nutrition, and traveling! She believes that these are the key ingredients in creating a life of physical and emotional health and happiness. Ruthie enjoys training for distance running along with other forms of exercise, and eating (mostly) healthy foods! Originally from New England, Ruthie moved to Savannah and fell in love with the city.Trips to bordering southern states and travels back north offer the opportunity to explore and to share information with Ramblen readers. Whether traveling to a different country or to a nearby locale, Ruthie’s top priority is seeking out the best ways to be active and enjoy healthy, delicious meals away from home. She is excited to share adventures in traveling healthy with you!

For more from Ruthie, follow her on Twitter: @SWHealthyBlog, and visit her blog, She’s Wicked Healthy, at