Stacey Hagerich Ramblen Ambassador

Stacey Hagerich

My name is Anastasia, but everyone calls me Stacey.  I’m an (almost 30) year old runner living in Charm City, MD. For those of you who don’t live in MD, that means Baltimore.  I have a beautiful son who changed my life.  (every mother says that right? no really though…) I gained excess weight with my son due to antepartum issues that only worsened postpartum. I fought to get it off for almost two years. Luckily, its been pretty successful through healthy eating and a LOT of running. 35 pounds later, I’m a half-fanatic, and I’m looking to run a marathon (yikes!) in my thirties. I work in Medicine, so my schedule is not very nice, BUT, I will always find time to explore my beautiful city.  I dabble in social sports, but would definitely not call myself a “hardcore” anything, except runner. When given the chance, I’ll travel. Doesn’t matter when, doesn’t really matter where.  I lived overseas in Europe for a few years and loved every moment! You can find me on these social media sites…


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