Susie Suzlyfe Ramblen Ambassador

Susie Suzlyfe

Hey Y’all! I’m Susie (or Suz to those “lucky” enough to call me a friend), and I am a runner, fitness enthusiast, former competitive equestrienne, and overly-educated opinionated opinionator. After being raised up proper in Atlanta, I attended Mr. Jefferson’s University (Virginia, where I met my husband) and Columbia University in Manhattan, and now I live with her doctor-husband, Alex, and crazy cat, Zoe, in Chicago, IL.  I cook, I explore, I eat, I work it out. I create masterpieces and make mistakes. Oh, and I have been living with a little something called Crohn’s Disease since 2001, but I have been spunky, blond, and driven by curiosity all my life.


In my opinion, the only way to discover a place is on foot, and my idea of a vacation is 3 parts active exploration, 2 parts food, and 1 part recovery from said exploration and food. To give you an idea, I saw my honeymoon (during which my husband and I averaged 8-12 miles a day of walking through London, Paris, and Rome) as the perfect taper for a half marathon. And I PR’ed that sucker. Also, I never go anywhere without chocolate, snacks, and compression apparel. And I eat ice cream every night.


Life, travel, and health should be about doing what you love and remaining open to all the world has to offer you. I hope that you will join me on some of my Ramblen, and, should we pass each other on the street, that you introduce yourself and tell me about your favorite places!


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