Oquirrh Lake Trail -

The trail around Oquirrh Lake in the Daybreak Community of South Jordan (a suburb of Salt Lake City) is a quiet and beautiful place to enjoy a run or ride. The distance around the perimeter of the lake is approximately 3.2 miles, but there are bridges that cut across it in several places, making it easy to tailor the trail for any distance.

Three Rivers Greenway

The Three Rivers Greenway, known in Columbia as “Riverfront” on the Columbia side of the river and “Riverwalk” on the Cayce side of the river, is the most popular spot for runners and walkers in the city. The multi-use path currently consists of 9.5 miles of paved sections in various spots in the Columbia area.

Trinity Trails

Over 40 miles of recreational trails parallel to the Trinity River in Fort Worth, Texas, comprise the Trinity Trails system. These mostly flat trails are a mix of concrete, asphalt, and loose gravel and are utilized by pedestrians and cyclists alike.

Sawmill Branch Trail

The residential hub of Summerville, SC, located just north of Charleston, is blessed with one of the longest continuous multi-use greenways in the greater Charleston area. The Sawmill Branch Trail is an asphalt multi-use path stretching 6.1 miles along the Sawmill Branch that is enjoyed by cyclists and pedestrians alike. The trail is easily accessible from Interstate 26, and two …

Custis Trail

The Custis Trail connects to the W&OD Trail and runs along I-66 towards the western part of Northern Virginia. The asphalt paved trail is four miles in length and connects commuters to Washington D.C. via the Key Bridge and Mount Vernon Trail. Because it is not a rails-to-trails conversion, there is considerable elevation change on the route, particularly at bridges …

Holmes Run Trail

This concrete and asphalt path is 4.25 miles in length and runs through Alexandria in Northern Virginia. Bathrooms, parking, water, and trashcans can be found at Cameron Run Regional Park – a large park with an abundance of family activities, including miniature golf, batting cages, and a water park. In order to access the trail from the park, turn right …

Sligo Creek Stream Valley Trail

For those traveling to the Silver Spring/Wheaton area, the Sligo Creek Trail offers 10.2 miles of paved asphalt multi-use trail. Some single track trail borders the pavement along portions of the trail, which runs along the Sligo Creek Parkway. Benches are located at regular intervals along the path, and porta potties and water fountains are available at several parks along …

Terry Hershey Park

Terry Hershey Park offers five miles of continuous paved trail, stretching from the Elkridge Parkway to the Sam Houston Tollway, but side trails will add on an additional 7 miles for a total of 12. The path, which follows Buffalo Bayou and is predominantly concrete, offers a variety of amenities, including water fountains, bathrooms at Eldridge Parkway, and several “runner’s …

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