Oquirrh Lake Trail -

The trail around Oquirrh Lake in the Daybreak Community of South Jordan (a suburb of Salt Lake City) is a quiet and beautiful place to enjoy a run or ride. The distance around the perimeter of the lake is approximately 3.2 miles, but there are bridges that cut across it in several places, making it easy to tailor the trail for any distance.

Three Rivers Greenway

The Three Rivers Greenway, known in Columbia as “Riverfront” on the Columbia side of the river and “Riverwalk” on the Cayce side of the river, is the most popular spot for runners and walkers in the city. The multi-use path currently consists of 9.5 miles of paved sections in various spots in the Columbia area.

Mon River Trail Conservancy

The Mon River Trail Conservancy maintains 48 miles of recreational trails that span three counties in north-central West Virginia. The Caperton Trail is mostly flat and heads from Morgantown’s downtown area toward Point Marion, Pennsylvania, by following the Monongahela River. The Decker’s Creek Trail goes from downtown to Preston County and features a 2% grade.

Calgary River Pathways

Calgary runners and cyclists are blessed with over 800 km (500 mi) of pathways available for recreational use in the city limits alone. The City clears snow from 300 km of pathways during the winter, so runners, walkers and cyclists are able to take advantage of the system year-round!

Lakefront Trail

Lakefront Trail is the path of choice for Chicagoans living anywhere near the lakefront or those that have a long run planned. Completely free to users, the Lakefront Trail (LFT) follows the Lake Michigan waterfront 9 miles north and south of Navy Pier.

Trinity Trails

Over 40 miles of recreational trails parallel to the Trinity River in Fort Worth, Texas, comprise the Trinity Trails system. These mostly flat trails are a mix of concrete, asphalt, and loose gravel and are utilized by pedestrians and cyclists alike.