Mon River Trail Conservancy

The Mon River Trail Conservancy maintains 48 miles of recreational trails that span three counties in north-central West Virginia. The Caperton Trail is mostly flat and heads from Morgantown’s downtown area toward Point Marion, Pennsylvania, by following the Monongahela River. The Decker’s Creek Trail goes from downtown to Preston County and features a 2% grade.

Calgary River Pathways

Calgary runners and cyclists are blessed with over 800 km (500 mi) of pathways available for recreational use in the city limits alone. The City clears snow from 300 km of pathways during the winter, so runners, walkers and cyclists are able to take advantage of the system year-round!

Sawmill Branch Trail

The residential hub of Summerville, SC, located just north of Charleston, is blessed with one of the longest continuous multi-use greenways in the greater Charleston area. The Sawmill Branch Trail is an asphalt multi-use path stretching 6.1 miles along the Sawmill Branch that is enjoyed by cyclists and pedestrians alike. The trail is easily accessible from Interstate 26, and two …

Big Papio Trail

Stretching nearly 10 miles through Omaha, the Big Papio Trail is a concrete multi-use path that runs through four parks. The parks offer available parking, restrooms, and water fountains, making the trail very convenient for long runs, as it also connects to the Keystone Trail. Some portions of the trail, particularly those running through the parks, are shaded, while others, …

National Mall

If you go to Washington D.C. and don’t take the chance to run, bike or walk around the National Mall, you are missing out on a great opportunity to see the most iconic sites of the city while getting in a workout. The multi-use path varies from a dirt path near the Smithsonian Museums to asphalt near the Reflecting Pool, …

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